Monday, April 30, 2007

Wishing ahead

I just want it to be Sunday already.

I'm as excited for this move as I've ever been for any move, but I can't take the nonstop hustle, the need to do five things at once, in about three different places, with no end in sight until Saturday evening, when we'll only have one place.

Our apartment is a mess -- both because it's in various stages of packing and because there are places where we're just like, "Well, we're moving -- what's the point?" That throws me off. I'm out of my routine. I'm used to sleeping until I can't sleep anymore, hitting the treadmill in the gym, then having breakfast while I watch last night's DVRed shows. Only I'm falling behind on the DVRed shows, to the point where I think I'm going to have to do all the painting I can tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday so that I can spend Friday at home packing while I exhaust the DVR queue.

I'm also down on myself, kicking myself mentally -- and soon physically -- because I lagged too long on setting up our new cable and internet and therefore couldn't get an installation date until six days after we move in. I think that nearly had me sleeping on the couch when I told Casey the bad news. The fortunate thing was that she'd be away for two of the days, limiting the impact on her, and that the only things we watch regularly on cable right now are The Sopranos and Entourage, meaning we'd only miss an episode of each.

However, when I called today to check up on the order, they found it wasn't in the system. Turns out I'd put in the new street address, but our soon-to-be-former town and ZIP code. So when they found out that there was no Clifton Boulevard in Edgewater, they canceled the order. (Nevermind that they never called to tell me any of this.) And now we're stuck with a later installation date, May 16 instead of the 11th (which I haven't broken to Casey yet). And because this all took 45 minutes of back-and-forth and hold music (about 15 minutes' worth), I was on the bus on the way to work when it was finally solved and, therefore, I couldn't really protest the later date. I may try to argue that point tomorrow.

So for the first 11 days in our new home, we'll be back to the days of VCR timers and juggling video cassettes. Fun times. I don't know if I can go two weeks with out The Sopranos, or if Casey will talk to me if she misses two Entourage episodes in a row, so rather than wait until our cable is hooked up and we jump right to HBO On Demand, I may have my parents tape them and make use of the Postal Service.

But we're getting Verizon's FIOS service, which intrigues me. The cable package is better than anything Time Warner (or current monopoly provider) or Cablevision (the monopoly holder in our new county) would provide on its basic tier, but I refuse to use either of those companies ever again. Well, I've never used Cablevision, but they're horrible, arrogant owners of the Knicks and Madison Square Garden (not that I like the Knicks) and pulled some dirty tricks to thwart the West Side Stadium that would've moved the Jets to Manhattan and provided a stadium for an New York Olympic bid in 2012 (not that I wanted any of that to happen).

So let's just hope that FIOS is worth it, and that it's easy enough to set up Casey's computer, because I'm not paying them 60 bucks for the second computer setup. But the new fun fact I learned about FIOS today is that, with the enhanced DVR box, we can record shows on one box, but then watch them on either of our other two TVs that have the standard box, in addition to the TV with the DVR box. That beats having to get a second DVR box.

Oy. I'm just ready to move. Two and a half years ago, we couldn't wait to get out of our old place, both because the reasons it sucked far outweighed the reasons we liked it and because the new place had so much going for it. This time, there are things that are harder to leave -- the fitness center, the parking garage, the groundhogs -- despite all the good things about where we're going.

I'm sure, over the next few days, my feelings will drift more toward the "ready to leave" side of the scale, particularly as we check off more rooms from the painting list.

Starting tomorrow, earlier than I'd particularly care for.

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