Friday, August 10, 2007

While the wife's away, I'll ... meh

The wife will be away for the weekend, and since I'm working all three nights (which doubles as the reason I'm not going to Connecticut tomorrow), I don't have big plans.

Friday looks like rain, so that will be inside work -- or, more likely, reading. I've also got lots of photos from last weekend in Chicago to sort and upload so that I can write a proper review. Saturday will probably be yard work. The lawn seems to have grown more in the last two weeks than it did in the previous three. Plus, I need to replace the windshield wiper blades on the car -- a springtime task I usually do in March, which is when I bought the replacements and placed them in the trunk, where I noticed them again today.

And if the weather cooperates (read: stays below 90 and 80 percent humidity), I may do some more chores inside the house. Working from home Saturday night will give me the luxury of working right up until 5:30 (if I decide to take a shower) or 6 p.m.

Sunday, though, will be for me as it was for Suzanna Hoffs: fun day. A former online coworker will be in town, so much baseball will be discussed, either from the stands at Shea or the bar stools at Foley's (where I have something in common with Mayor Bloomberg) followed by a subway ride to the Upper East Side.

Such is my life.

** Oh, and I swear there will be new house pics. I've been browsing others' Flickr sites and I'm itching to play more with photos. In addition to the hundreds I have from Chicago.

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