Friday, April 18, 2008

Getting to know the morning commute

On the train already at this hour -- certainly not used to this. At least it was cool this morning, making for a brisk walk and getting the blood flowing. (Well, once I put the camera away.) Not used to the 7:14 train, but it didn't fill out too much. Other than the hour, it may be the best commute of the day. I'm just glad I don't have to do it regularly. It'd be one thing if I was guaranteed a 5 p.m. release from my desk, but that's far from a certainty.

The 7:39 actually left Secaucus at 7:39. I knew something was up when I walked through the concourse at 7:37 and the board flipped to remove the 7:39. The trains are not quite as crowded at this time as they are when I take the 7:58 from Clifton -- and, as a result, they run on time more regularly, I suppose.

In the end, taking the 7:14 made me super early for work (I was due at 8:30), but this way I could take my time through Penn Station (which, again, not as crowded as it would be half an hour, 40 minutes later) and get a bagel before going up to the office. Of course, moments after writing that, we slowed to a stop outside Secaucus to let another train pass. But at least I had a seat.

7:08 p.m., on the way home
Spring is here! Sitting outside their hall in Lyndhurst, the vets are enjoying their cigars.

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