Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm losing it

Well, not it, but things. After unpacking from Chicago/South Bend last weekend, I couldn't find one of the four belts I'd brought on the trip. The missing one was a blue/white/yellow (close enough to blue and gold) cloth belt that I think got left on the floor at O'Hare when I rearranged my bag so that I could convince the agent that it would fit in the overhead compartment. This comes a few months after I last saw one of my Underarmour T-shirts, a red one that I can't recall where it lay last. And we've now been in our house for nearly three and a half years, but a few baseballs seemed to have vanished in the move. Either they're still tucked away in some unsorted container (though I don't think I've left any box unchecked), they inexplicably got left behind or the movers noticed them and swiped 'em. But it's way to long beyond the fact to complain if that were the case.

At least I still seem to have my wits about me.

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