Sunday, November 04, 2007

Nice voice-over work, if you can get it

Movies will often have flashbacks or scene-setting narratives from the past to set up the main plot, but I've never seen one as hokey as what was used for the opening sequence in Space Cowboys: the old scenes featured young, obscure actors portraying the characters that are played by Tommy Lee Jones, Clint Eastwood and James Cromwell -- only they have Jones, Eastwood and Cromwell providing the voices for the young characters. So, in a live-action movie, three iconic, veteran actors are doing voice-over work. It's particularly jarring because all three have such distinctive voices; without looking up from my computer, I knew each of them immediately.

It makes for a strange scene. The look-back is in black-and-white, with young anonymous actors moving their lips to the lines, while the voices of three Oscar-nominated legends are coming out of their mouths. It's like watching some over-dub of a foreign-language film.

And Clint directed this? Jeez.

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