Thursday, January 24, 2008

En route to Orlando

36,000 feet over Tennessee. Or a Carolina. Somewhere that still leaves us an hour from our initial descent into Orlando. I write on the tray table in 28A as the iPod cleverly shuffles to "Seatbacks and Traytables" by Fountains of Wayne. The combination of cloud haze and hte time of day -- it's dusk on the ground, but still rather bright up here -- makes it tough to see off into the distance on the ground, so these rivers and developments and fields -- farms? -- below mean little, at least as a guide to determining our position.

Dave still has no idea where we're going, beyond Orlando. I don't know that he's versed enough in the Florida party scene to realize that Tampa (or, of course, Miami) would be more traditional sites for debauchery, but maybe he'll catch on when we head east and the signs start saying Daytona.

He and Tom just walked back down the aisle to chat -- Dave's antsy without a computer or iPod -- and it look slike they took Tony back with them to an empty seat. But he checked his bag, while mine sits above me, so moving would've been pointless for me.

The clouds below have taken on the look of river rocks, or even cobblestones laid out flat and haphazardly, stretching into the distance with dark veins running through them. Kind of like the cracked desert in that Dali painting.

I ran into Tom at the airport train station, having boarded his train in Secaucus. We breezed through security (hardly a line) and bought a couple of beers ($16.22, with tip) to wait. "Is it wrong to start drinking on a bachelor party trip before the bachelor?" Tom asked. "Only if he'd be mad that we didn't wait for him," I said. "And I don't think Dave will car." But now that the pint of Bass (1) has given me a headache. Unless that's from reading all of Sports Illustrated or a couple games of Tetris on the iPod.

6:25 - Just felt the deceleration and initial drop for our approach. Headache's gone and hte first stars shine in the darkening eastern sky. A peek out the other side of the plane shows a burning orange horizon. The "selection of comedies" is ending with an episode of The Simpsons I watched eight days ago, the Barnacle Bay episode. Earlier, I noticed According to Jim and the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Weird mix. Oh -- now they're just "teasing" everyone with The New Adventures of Old Christine only minutes before it will have to be shut off.

Upon landing, the background music piped in to the cabin is the same that played while we awaited takeoff -- and it begins with someone's cover of James Taylor's "Shower the People." That song then gets stuck in my head.

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