Friday, January 25, 2008

Random notes from the first night in Florida

At dinner:
Dave: Sometimes, Laura calls Tony "Tom."

Dan: She has said it was the best three minutes of her life ...

Tom: I always say, why go 30 when three minutes is enough.

Approximately five beers between the hotel bar and Lollipops, which would account for the handwriting in my notebook.

[This attempt at logging my intake for the weekend was not fruitful. The fact that I came down with a bug and cut back on my drinking also made it a pointless endeavor.]

God, so much I could've written, but it would've been weird to have a notebook in a strip gentleman's club. Because I'm not Kerouac.

It's 3 fucking 15, and we plan to be at the track by 10/10:30. (Also, on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air on Nick @ Nite, Tyra Banks was the guest hooch [Jackie] who Will and a guy had a drinking/arm wrestling competition over. It's hilarious to see Will Smith go from this -- a bad sitcom I used to love -- to a box office gold mine and Oscar nominee.

I purposely brought my "Rudy Sucks" T-shirt because of Florida's primary on Tuesday, but my illness forces me to wear multiple layers to bed, and I don't venture out of the room in the T-shirt all weekend.

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