Monday, January 25, 2010

The band of the fighting treadmills

After revealing my intentions and a strong start to the blogging new year, I kind of fell off a bit there after the seventh. Well, sort of: I'm going strong on my baseball blog. That's just where I'm feelin' it right now.

But I suspect I'll eventually balance out soon enough -- a few posts a week here, a few (more) there, a photo post once or twice a week, though that one might have an increase in activity as I go through my film negatives and scan them in. I'm nearly done with 1994, which is when I got my first SLR (in August). I'll probably continue to scan in batches -- a month at a time or in segments that seem to offer natural starting/ending points -- and then tweak as necessary and upload to Flickr in one great push. After that, I'll gradually point some out on my various blogs. Or something like that.

What brings me back today was this story I read in Notre Dame Magazine this afternoon. It describes the process of filming the video to OK Go's new single, "This Too Shall Pass," and how they came to shoot it in a field in Indiana with the Notre Dame marching band. I'd embed the video here, except the band's record label, EMI, has disabled that function (as noted in this short segment on the video).

After reading the article and watching the video, I went ahead and bought the album. If nothing else, it'll be good to run to, as was Oh No and its Nike+ iTunes workout, which I bought when I first purchased my Nano in January 2007 to get back into an exercise routine. I spent a few mornings on the treadmill in the fitness center at our apartment complex before we moved out a few months later, and because of that workout, I continue to find that OK Go's songs get my blood pumping.

The album should come in handy as I try to accomplish another goal this year, which is to run at least once more each month and one mile further each month than I did in the corresponding month in 2009. So far, so good, but it's been easy -- I only ran once in January and February 2009, so this month's three workouts (I'll get at least one more in, perhaps tomorrow after the deluge ceases) have covered it.

And I do get to embed one video to end this post, since this older one isn't ruled by EMI:

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