Saturday, January 02, 2010

Trying the resolution thing again

After such a successful resolution in 2009, I'm taking the same approach with my promise to myself for 2010. I want this year to be the year I get back into blogging -- with words, that is. I've tried several times to be more active in this space and on my baseball blog (I like to keep certain interests separate so as not to bog just one site down with such specific posts), but I've failed to keep up with my aspirations.

This time, however, I'm not going to set such rigid parameters (such as a post a day), which may prove to be both a wise move and a mistake. Without a schedule, I could abandon it yet again. But without the pressure, I could find myself more eager and willing to stay with it. I'll say this, loosely: If I can update both this blog and the baseball one at least once a week, I'll be in good shape, but I don't want to say Monday will be baseball day and Friday will be devoted to here.

I think another key will be to remember that I first started a blog 10 years ago this fall (!) not to please and impress those who may read it, but to satisfy my urge to write. I choose to keep it public so that my friends can have a little insight to my goings-on and stay in touch with me as they wish, but I don't want to let myself hold back because I don't feel a thought, a recap of a day, or a post is worthy of publishing because I don't think it would read well to others. Even if what I write turns out to be glorified mental notes or a retelling of an inside joke/had-to-be-there moment, I shouldn't care if others skim past it. This is my space (though not MySpace), for me, and that's what I want to get back to this year.

So far, so good, though I'd really like to come up with a design here that I like and can stick with, maybe one with an easily adjusted header so I can switch it up at will (new photo, maybe new color scheme throughout) without having to choose a new Blogger template. Baby steps, though.

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